Party Political Views on the Environment – elections 2016



Do environmental issues influence the way people vote?

How easy is it to judge and compare the environmental approaches of the main political parties ahead of the Welsh Assembly elections in May?

Natur Cymru wrote to the six main political parties asking for their approaches to the environmental problems facing Wales in the 21st century. In Issue 58 (Spring 2016) we summarised the responses we received, but here you can read them in full.

The parties’ answers are presented in alphabetical order.

We asked the Parties to provide a general statement and brief answers to four questions.The replies to our letters varied in length, and some included general statements while others did not.

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What do you think are the main threats to the marine environment caused by human activities? How would you address these, and would marine conservation zones be a priority?

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Do you think Pillar 1 of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is delivering significant environmental benefits for the taxpayer? Are there any ways in which you and your Party would seek to reform CAP and the way in which it is administered in Wales to deliver improved environmental outcomes and public benefits?

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Do you think measures are needed to improve the performance of Natural Resources Wales (NRW) in fulfilling its duties and responsibilities towards wildlife and the natural environment, and if so, what would these be?

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Sustainability of major land-use changes (such as the Circuit of Wales, M4 Relief road); do the stated advantages of the developments (some of which may not turn out as claimed) outweigh the permanent loss of key habitat?

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We are extremely grateful to all those who provided responses to our questions, namely:

Llyr Gruffydd AM, Plaid Cymru

Tom Sharman, Policy Communications Manager, Wales Green Party

Janet Howarth AM, Welsh Conservative Party

Martin Eaglestone, Welsh Policy Officer, Welsh Labour Party

William Powell AM, Welsh Liberal Democrats Shadow Minister for the Environment & Rural Affairs.

UKIP did not reply to our letter.